Entry #1

New song, new collab project, plugging.

2008-09-03 16:11:50 by Phoog

Okay guys, making good use of the edit function on this news post. Re-write, yo!

You may have seen this song on the frontpage (thanks to whoever thought it deserved that). Well it's the first release, shall I say release? Or is that too posh and stuff? The first release of ChainedExpression, a group of us audio guys got together to do a collab (the song previously posted) and we decided to make it sort of a regular thing. By regular, however, I mean there is more to come, we're not doing them regularly.
Go check it out, send us hatemail, zerobomb us, whatever. <3

Now, I've got into producing happy hardcore lately. I've put in for a name change so when that gets done and I have a near enough final song I'll be uploading some of that shizniz. Meanwhile, go check out my space to hear a demo of one of my first set of songs I've been working on.

Then, if you check out my site (link to your left) you can check up on progress and shit, if you remotely care. Oh and I should be spicing it up visually as well :)

So if you managed to read all that, leave a comment and I'll give you a doodle, or something. Yes a doodle. I was watching YouTube "vlogs" earlier and that was what one of the people said, so I'm stealing it..

Bai giez :3


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2008-09-22 12:59:37

I'm sorry.

Phoog responds:

<3 ;)


2008-09-25 14:27:10


Phoog responds:

WHERE!?!? D: