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2009-06-23 20:03:46 by Phoog

Yo guises.


I won't be uploading these songs to Newgrounds or anything.
I'm gunna work real hard on them and get to promoting myself properly, all that jibber jabber.

Check it outzz


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2009-07-07 15:34:29

Theres a few ways to get promoted but first you must really no how to engineer & pre-master your things depending on what sort of Genre your doing for your music i must say this..

DOA (Dogs On Acid) promotes DnB & if your lucky you'll pump into a few House pros on the site.

Glitch, i'd talk to Abunshi about it if i was you.

Mastering: If you have a really good pre-mastered track you've done & its drum & bass, talk to Mac on dogsonacid.com & he'll master your track with all the technical custom made shizzle he has & it'll only got you a tenner for a damn good mastered track.

Instead of 60pond an hour in a shitty studio with some guy pushing up & down on the nobs. Mac is the man for Drum & Bass!
Sub-Focus & the team do shit masters so i would bother paying for them to do it.

& think that about settles all the peeps i no for promoting. lol

Talk soonies :)
PM me if you want to no anything else! :D

Phoog responds:

Hey thanks for the links and names dude.
Although I'm not really a DnB producer, the fastest I do is like 145 bpm :P

Might come in handy though, appreciate the support :)


2009-07-09 11:41:57

This sucks, you're not that hot chick on your newgrounds profile. You're just some afro bro.

Phoog responds:

Dude it's not an afro :'(
I can't grow an afro. I'm white. I have caucasian hair. (n)

The hot chick on my profile is the inner me. And it's what inside that counts <3


2009-12-01 17:46:48

You changed usernames again? Damn, aren't you little miss mood-swing. :P

Phoog responds:

I'm sticking with this one now.
I just scratched my foot and now my finger smells of foot.